A LOOK at the path to my Y-Haplogroup Q2b1a1b/Q-BZ528 as plotted on the Scaled Innovation SNP tracker program [1] reveals a recent history that is fairly interesting as well as revealing. The timeframe of history we are here concerned with, covers the last four mutations (including the present one)…


According to the population genetics tool “SNP Tracker”, my Y haplogroup Q-BZ528 mutated somewhere in about the year 1200 AD, in the very center of the Sulaiman Mountains, above the present location of Dera Ghazi Khan. Its immediately preceding parent clade (branch) of…

Muhammad Ibn Suri (c. 940–1010 AD) was an ancestor of Sultan Shahabuddin Ghori (or Ghuri) — who managed quite comfortably to juggle a superficial Islamic identity with his core faith mixture of Zoroastrianism and Hinduism. That was typical in his time: in lower Eastern Iran/lower Khorasan [now Afghanistan] after the Islamic conquest of Imperial Persia in 651, the Rajput-Gujjar Kabulshahis and Hindushahis had ruled for 350 years…so local Iranian princes and chiefs such as the Suri Parthians (later called Ghoris) tended to dilute their old Zoroastrian practices with a Hindu tinge, to please the Hindu rulers (who were also proto-Afghans, as Al-Beruni notes).

Before Islam eventually arrived there in full force with Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi, such local princes had initially tended to do the same with Islamic observances and practices as well.

About Muhammad Ibn Suri — on Wikipedia (as on 10/10/20).


Haji Muhammad Qasim Shalmani is said to have been a charismatic leader figure and adventurer, active across the Peshawar Valley and its surroundings in the second half of the 18th Century. Despite finding mention in many historic sources, he remains a mystery being highly enigmatic…

Nisor Avalovich Magomedov was the full Russianised version of the name of Nisar Muhammad, of village Zaida, District Swabi — Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (then NWFP).

Nisar Muhammad was born, by to his own mention, in 1897. An intelligent, perceptive and adventurous young man, he was affected by the October Revolution…


Farman Kaskar, pictured above, is a young and prominent Pashtun nationalist figure of the time….a Pashto poet who expresses himself mainly via comedy and jest.

But he is a “Pashtun” with a difference — because he will proudly tell you of his ethnic Marhatta origins…


The news is that the presence of Y-DNA Haplogroup L-M20 has been confirmed among Swatis....according to a test done by a friend from the Bijori sept, of Baffa, Mansehra.

Haplogroup L is an ancient native Indian group, associated with the aboriginal Indus Valley Civilisation (IVC). By…

Akhundzada Arif Hasan Khan

Scholar, Historian, Ethnologist, Philosopher, Activist.

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