The famous book "ZAKHIRA TUL MULOOK" [Education of the Princes], by the famous 14th Century Iranian-Kashmiri saint, Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani -- in which he mentions several minor Tajik Swati princes who were at that time under the overall tutelage of the Swati-Shahmiri Sultan of Kashmir, Qutabuddin Shah.

The princes mentioned included the local Swati regional governors Tughan Shah (Kunar), Bahram Muhammad Shah (Balkh + Badakhshan) and Sultan Ghiyasuddin (Pakhli). The Sultan of Swat Sultan Aliuddin Gabri (also called Alauddin) is also mentioned -- as is the Sultan of Kashmir, Sultan Qutabuddin (Shahmiri).

According to Swati writer Prof. Akhtar, Mir Hamadani has devoted the entire Chapter 3 of his book with good advice to Sultan Aliuddin (alias Alauddin) of Swat -- because that ruler was barbaric and proud and had bad habits. In the end Mir Hamadani was disappointed with the Swati rulers, and chose burial at Khatlan instead of Swat-Pakhli, after he died at Bajaur in 1386.

I have used two well known editions of this book: one is by Dr. Riaz, a Pakistani author who wrote in Farsi. The other is by an author in Iran, Anwari.Both these editions are available online at their own URLs, and at "Archive Org" website.

(P.S: As is evidenced from one of the images above -- the Iranian writer Anwari is not aware of the actual location of "Pakhli" and wonders that it is somewhere in present day Tajikistan!)



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Akhundzada Arif Hasan Khan

Akhundzada Arif Hasan Khan

Scholar, Historian, Ethnologist, Philosopher, Activist.