I have to state here, that by 1992 — I was 24 years old, and already worn out by fruitless political and ideological struggles to which I had devoted my life and given considerable sacrifices. The victory of the West in the Cold War then seemed the most refreshing and revitalizing prospect, as I had all but given up on Marxist leanings….having seen the reality of the PDPA in Afghanistan next door, and the behaviour of the local “leftists”. For the next 15 years I thought the West had the ability to bring about unprecedented utopian style transformations in the future of humanity and its civilisation. My utopian optimist expectations turned out to be very naïve indeed. What followed was an even bigger nightmare, which revealed the massive dark devilish monster lurking behind the glittering façade of unbelievable freedom, prosperity, plenty, advancement and rule of law. There was a great deal more to such ideas and conceptions than meets the eye…

A base greed overtook the West, whose government and denizens’ prime motivation was to enjoy their prosperity in the most selfish, pettiest and immoral of ways….something incommensurate with their so-called development and propaganda. Perhaps I dazzled, and wasn’t aware of its full implications. After 9/11, they revealed their true colours without much pretence. They destroyed several countries struggling to reform their backward societies — and supported rascals like the Arab shaikhs, and elite Pakistani thieves like Benazir, Zardari, Nawaz and all the rest. The CIA supported the “deep state” Jihadi lobby, represented by Pakistan’s military establishment…

The West then had a good chance to do perhaps what nobody in history could have done before them — but its wrong intentions and other “unsustainable” characteristics ended up in creating the type of mess that nobody has done so far… is too late now for recriminations. Only the consequences now remain, to be faced: in a war with no known precedent.



Scholar, Historian, Ethnologist, Philosopher, Activist.

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Akhundzada Arif Hasan Khan

Akhundzada Arif Hasan Khan

Scholar, Historian, Ethnologist, Philosopher, Activist.

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