Nisar Muhammad
REAL PIONEERS: A group of early communist Tajik education and other officials, in the 1930s. Sitting in the middle is Nisar Muhammad. Beside him is Shahtaimur Shirinshah, who died with him in 1937.
The tomb in Moscow’s Donskoi Cemetery where Nisar Muhammad’s ashes are interred along with those of several others.
The memorial also represents many Russians, who were executed at the same time.
On 26 May 2017, the Tajik film maker Safarbek Saleh and his associates erected this memorial plaque to Nisar Muhammad, at his burial place.




Scholar, Historian, Ethnologist, Philosopher, Activist.

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Akhundzada Arif Hasan Khan

Akhundzada Arif Hasan Khan

Scholar, Historian, Ethnologist, Philosopher, Activist.

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