Global Regions of Probable Nuclear Devastation


Some friends have asked me to dilate on the Ukraine — Russia situation. Below is my answer to them.

Modern European civilization, headed by the West and the Anglo-Saxon race in particular — has had a long an influential innings at the helm of human development for the past half a millennium, ever since the European Renaissance. In the beginning, the influence was very beneficial, if not entirely benign. But in the 20th Century it entered not only its climax but also degradation….when it began to be abused to satisfy base greed. Scientifically and technologically advanced humanity simply cannot afford to abuse such immense power. New technological paradigms definitely call for systems that are more egalitarian so as to distribute the benefits and outcomes of the new paradigm effectively. Utopianism is too unreal in my view, and there will always be elites — but at least the spiritual responsibility of the ruling elites has to be many degrees greater than seen in the hitherto traditional circumstances. However this “bourgeois” benefit we saw only for the Western citizens (and the handful of Asian and “third world” immigrants they selectively admit to their “Fortress Europe”/USA societies for various ulterior purposes). The “democracy” they preach is actually for these citizens of the New Rome (Rome being the fount of Western polity) and is only viable when considered in that context.

Earlier in the last century, we saw an alternate path of European technological and cultural development emerge….which was practically applied first in Russia. Its philosophy being known as Marxism, it was termed communism and socialism among many other secondary terms such as Leninism, Stalinism and Maoism. Although it had characteristics that might have seemed extreme, such as renunciation of spiritual reality and aspiration to unworldly Utopian goals….these were temporary products brought to the fore when such thought encountered the realities of the day. Marxism also rejected many traditional racial notions…

In the 20th Century AD Western political doctrine also reached its crescendo with Fascism — in particular the deadly efficient and mechanistic Nazi doctrine — which ended up in controlling 90% of Europe in the first 3 years of WW2….only Britain awaited its doom, and European Russia survived. However Nazism soon burned itself out — more so because it had attacked Russia. It was deadly even for the bourgeois West, not to talk of the Communists it opposed so virulently. Russia would not have survived the Nazi debacle had Communism not been in control of its state and development — and that too under Stalin, as opposed to Lenin or Trotsky. Communism replaced the Tsarist Empire with a gargantuan multinational state that was at once a true synthesis of Eurasian races and cultures (with the European initially dominating for obvious reasons) and which for the first time actually catered to the welfare of its working citizens, even if it did so in a dictatorial manner. The West — especially the selfish and aggressive Anglo-Saxon world outlook — was shocked at the emergence of Marxist doctrine. It would later make very cunning use of the concepts of “freedom” and “enterprise” to mislead the opinion on the street against this philosophy.

After 1945 the war was won by an uneasy alliance of the Western bourgeoisie and the communist Soviet Union. It soon became divided into massive bipartisan camps along these lines. In the shadow of the atom bomb, this implied a proverbial kind of destruction never before fathomed. Neither was mad enough to destroy the other wholesale….as such destruction was “MAD” (Mutually Assured). Communism went on to make victories in the Mongolic world…but it began to show practical failures and lack of gains in most Arab countries, India, and it was forcefully extinguished in Malaya and Indonesia. The capping debacle was the Afghan Revolution of 1978. That led to the world’s biggest sabotage operation by the US CIA, during which Islam saw revitalization as a force in society, culture and politics.

The US-led Western Bloc won this “Cold War” against the USSR in 1991, which dissolved and its largest country the Russian Federation caved in on itself. Without any enemy to oppose it, the second Anglo-Saxon World Empire, the USA became even more brazen in dominating the planet which had effortlessly passed into its hands. NATO was not an anti-Soviet alliance as was initially made out; in the name of “democracy”, the Western alliance began invading and ripping up non-Western countries which had demonstrated an effective tendency to develop and modernize, such as Iraq, Libya and Syria. The countries could tomorrow be capable of squarely confronting the West, and competing over the materiel and resources necessary for their citizens’ high living standards. In addition, the Islamic germs the West had so shortsightedly cultivated in Afghanistan to use against the Soviet Union had been abandoned and left to their own devices once their utility in this regard was over. This disease soon became unwieldly and threated the West to its very core as the attacks of 9/11 demonstrated in 2001. The West had never assessed such an outcome, and the US-NATO’s 20-year invasion of Afghanistan became not only the longest and costliest American war ever — but also the most ineffective; America, the arrogant and most developed power in human history had been defeated by ragged neolithic Pashtun tribals and mountainmen — so that when I finally evacuated its glamorous Bagram Airbase north of Kabul on 15 August 2021, it did so like a thief in the night, not even informing its corrupt Afghan henchmen.

Talking of CORRUPTION….America, after its 1992 global victory had unleashed a climate of devil-may-care fiscal and procedural irregularity never before seen in history…..let alone for a power whose very claim to its might lay founded in the loftiest of all moral pretexts. The proliferation of “democracy” in Pakistan after the mysterious death of the CIA stooge dictator General Zia in 1988 is the best example of how the West supports and benefits from corruption in less fortunate parts of the world: Benazir, Zardari, Nawaz, Altaf Hussain, Sirajul Haq, Fazlur Rahman, Asfandyar Wali are the iconic names of Pakistani political robbers who resort to the most unashamed and vilest thuggery to rob whatever they can from their countries (mostly from the Western aid provided to them) — and return it to park in Swiss or other Western banks….and in off-shore accounts and “entities” in the Western world….or to invest in high end properties in London, Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, Toronto and Sydney. And Dubai and Kuala Lumpur. And may I include in this infamous list the Afghan names of Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani too.

In this whole hullaballoo after 1992 Russia had remained down and out for about 20 years…..the West having engineered the sale of mighty Soviet state assets to thugs and “oligarchs”, most of whom it hosted in fancy environs such as those of London. There then came a man by the name of Putin who slowly worked his way to the top. He is a patriot who was dismayed by the treacherous defeat of his country. And although he is not overtly communist — and desperately accused by many of being an “oligarch” (he may very well be….so what?? Dick Cheney is one) — he knew the characteristics of the Russian state, and what had made it great in modern times. And sensibly, in his quest to settle scores with the Devil’s Empire Babylon the Great (the great USA), he chose to retrace various steps so as to get Russia back to where it really belonged, and on even keel…..and by 2013, that is what had happened. It was joined by China, which although not a great “democracy” as Westerners would like to see it…is definitely more of an economic powerhouse than any Western entity could be, and will soon top that list other things notwithstanding.

The time finally came when the process of active confrontation had to be begun. That happened on 24 February 2022. I will terminate this essay by saying that the West had the best chance in 1992 to become the guiding beacon for a modern humanity. But it gave itself up to runaway greed and base impropriety. It is too late to make amends for that now. In the past 30 years, too much damage has been done to be reversed and/or forgotten, and the consequential punishment has to be availed. Many 30-year olds (even 40-year olds) who have only ever seen the period of supreme American corrupt dominance, will not even know what I am talking about. No doubt we know what lies around the corner too. Sadly there are no other options to avail in this regard. And for that we can fully blame the West for where it has pushed things to. Sadly Russia too, its star European part — will also render the supreme sacrifice while undertaking its task of ridding humanity of the West and its runaway devilry. For in a nuclear war, there are no winners. Those of us battered beings who inhabit the “poorer” parts of the world — will have to begin again, by picking up the tatters of what remains, in the rubble and ash…

I give here my own map of where I think nuclear devastation will take place — and what places will escape it (relatively)……the Pakistan-India part is not related to the current global situation, but depends upon how those who are locally incharge act.

A SECOND QUESTION asked by a friend is to tell him about KHAZARS. Interesting topic….VERY interesting, in fact. A topic of my intensive and personally focused research, where I was led by Fate itself.

They were a branch of the early Turks who split off towards the west, establishing a Khanate (“Khaganate”) in the mid-7th Century AD (c. 630). After about a century, their Saka (“Ashina”) aristocratic class converted to Judaism out of political compulsions. To cut a long story short, this immensely influential, yet very mysterious and almost unknown Eurasian empire was centered on the Ukraine and bordered the Caspian in the east. Its fall after 965 led to the rise of Kievan Rus and Muscovy, the predecessors of today’s “white” Russian polity. But what happened to the Khazars? No more around are they….but people in such vast quantity don’t just disappear; they just change form and name. It is believed that the greater part of the world’s “white” Jewry (and those are about 85% of the total) are descended from them. Of course, this topic is hotly controversial — precisely because the evidence is so convincing.

But that isn’t the only part of the story. The equally mysterious Afghans, who have a legend of “Jewish” ancestry also owe their presence to them. From what I know, a sizeable number of Khazar soldiery arrived in Sistan with the armies of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi in about 1000 AD — where they rapidly underwent a massive conversion to Islam. In the manner of all ancient conquests, they “hijacked” the ancient Parthian remnant + Rajput Afghans they found there…..they took their ethnonym as well as their women folk (after having slaughtered the great majority of the original men — as was common in ancient times) — which has resulted in a genetic “bottleneck effect” for the Khazars’ R1a-M512 Y-chromosome, which is found by about 65% among all Afghans descended from their legendary chieftain “Qais”.

Thus, we have the Afghans — the progenitors of the Taliban — who defeated American might by rendering it useless. It seems that the Khazars have figured prominently in the modern day endtimes situation….playing both sides: the Taliban vs. the Americans. Although that act is now over, we must not forget that Mr. Zelensky himself is a Ukrainian Jew, from the very heart of medieval Khazaria. And he is the carbon copy image of many pedigree Afghan “Khans” I know!



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