Two months ago, the cynics who always populate the “normal” world — would have jeered at the scenario now prevailing.

Then a very ornate and large Black Swan appeared in the skies, and settled on the surface of the global lake at its Chinese end. It has now floated all over the lake, and has quickly taken up residence at the Western end. Wherefrom it came, is not known…

But the world will never be the same again. The historically unprecedented economic situation engendered by the Covid-19 Pandemic will considerably if not greatly diminish the ability of America and the modern western world in their global power projection — especially in the dispensing of aid and patronage to their “commonwealth” of corrupt client ruling elites and toadies, such as those in Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Gulf Arab monarchies and Latin America.

Pakistanis may be cunning and sly, but they otherwise have a short memory indeed. Pakistan is a post-WW2 creation, and all that its people know about America is the post-1945 clout of that country as a global superpower and then “hyperpower”. Even now, they are supremely confident that it never has been, nor will ever be anything else.

The corrupt elites ruling what is now Pakistan — have been patronized directly and less directly, respectively, by the Anglo-Americans since 1850. That is a good 170 years (1849 was when the British finally seized the remainder of North India from Sikh rule). I doubt they will ever find fathers as good as them again.

America’s recent abrupt decision to withdraw from Afghanistan after its longest, 19-year war there — together with its sudden and surprising expression of “displeasure” with the hopeless Afghani ruling elite positioned by it in Kabul, is due only to the new conditions brought on by the Coronavirus transformation and nothing else. Over the past twenty years, an Afghan-Pashtun “internet nationalism” has developed — to become the mainstay of this issue. Its youthful proponents have grown up smug in the assumption that Uncle Sam will always be there to keep them afloat against the Taliban and others they hate. They will now be having nightmares!

Likewise, American power and involvements elsewhere on the globe will also suffer the same “recessive” influence. Their concerns will be whittled down only to involvements of critical importance. Such abandonment means that they are prioritizing and offloading non-essential and parasitic liabilities belonging to strategies from a byegone era.

Western immigration will be expected to decline, and its patterns of the past 50 years too will change, along with western economic prospects — as the native Europeans and original settler populations of the west get increasingly impoverished and begin to display knee-jerk fascistic restiveness against “outsiders”.

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